Dec 7, 2012

My Organized Christmas.

The holiday season has begun! It's the first week of December and most people are starting their holiday preparations. I love getting ready for Christmas. I love getting ready for Christmas so much that I started in October.

Starting on October 21st my husband and I began the Christmas Countdown on Organized Christmas. You spend the 6 weeks leading up to December 1st preparing for The Season. From filling out Christmas cards and buying gifts to meal planning and housework, the countdown organizes Christmas chores into a 6 week regimen. The website also features daily reading to compliment whatever step you're on in the countdown. It's a remarkable system and I can't recommend it enough. 

With the holidays officially here, my Husband and I are looking forward to celebrating with time and ease. We kicked off the season at Austin's Downtown Stroll. We drank wine and watched cartoons at The Paramount, ate Ginger Sandwich Cookies from The Happy Vegan Baker and were thoroughly impressed by Giant Bicycle Creatures:

We finished off the evening with a feast at Clay Pit before catching a bus back home. It was a perfect Christmas reward for all of the hard work we did in November. We are so ready to Celebrate!

Full Disclosure. We are not fully done preparing for Christmas. We have one gift and stocking stuffers to buy. We also  spent all meal planning time focused on Thanksgiving. So we still have to plan Christmas dinner. Still though.