Nov 1, 2012

October in Retrospect and an Autumn Spread for Grownups

October was so much fun. My husband and I:

  • Celebrated our 7 year dating Anniversary 
  • Joined a fitness boot camp
  • Did a few Halloween Dinner and Movie nights
  • Attended a Hawaiian Murder Mystery Party
  • Went to all the October USC game watches
  • Brewed three different beers (Blonde Ale, Pumpkin and Poor Richards)
  • Introduced my 13 year old niece to Freaks and Geeks
  • Went to a beautiful birthday brunch where we ate the best food ever. (And drank the best drinks ever!)

We had fun all the way through October 31st when we celebrated Halloween with our dear friends, Chris and Crystal. We visited, watched movies (It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Bride of Frankenstein) and, of course, ate!

I put together this Very Grown Up spread of Halloweenish foods. Notice the pumpkin serving bowls. I'm very proud of those! Beautiful and eco friendly!

Top Left-Right: Snack O' Lanterns filled with fruit salad and A Dirt Cake Pumpkin Patch (with peanut butter cookie pumpkins!)
Bottom Left-Right: Pumpkin Fluff with Maria Cookies. Water Crackers with Sweet Potato Hummus. Mushroom "Bacon" Onion Dip with Potato Chips.

The full experience.

I had so much fun cooking for this get together. The Pumpkin Fluff and Mushroom Bacon Dip were my favorites. Here are links to some of the inspirations and recipes in this spread:

Pumpkin Fluff - Made vegan with Mimicreme Healthy Top and vegan pudding mix
Sweet Potato Hummus 
Snack o' Lanterns

I'm sad to see October go, but I know November will be fun. Our calendar already has great things scheduled. And I'm doing Organized Christmas so I know I'll be busy!