Oct 20, 2012

Whole Wheat Beet Bread

Twice a month my husband works on a local farm for a few hours. As payment he receives a csa box full of the farm's organic vegetables. It's wonderful. Texas produce is wonderful. It's not as varied as California produce, but it does changes with the seasons. However, there are certain foods we will receive for what feels like forever. For instance, beets. I actually don't love beets, but we always have so many of them. However, lets be real. Free local organic produce is a blessing. Especially the plethora of not so loved beets. How? They get pureed, frozen and transformed into delicious baked goods. Like this bread:

Bonus shot of the pre-baked dough. So pink!

Whenever we get beets I boil them until soft and puree them in the food processor. Then I scoop the puree into a muffin tin and freeze. When they're frozen I pop the pureed beet ice muffins out of the tin and add them to the beet bag. During beet season I always have a bag in the freezer dedicated to beet puree.

I've found that you can add pretty much any pureed vegetable to your daily (weekly/yearly) bread dough without messing too much with the flavor or texture. Any changes are usually subtle and pleasant. In the winter time this happens to any greens we can't eat fast enough. Swiss chard bread and kale bread are completely normal!