Nov 3, 2010

vegan mofo: momoko cuteness

When you think “Texas” or “college campus” you don’t usually think “bubble tea.” The good news is that you totally can. Right in the middle of the UT neighborhood is the tiny Japanese boutique and tea shop, Momoko.

I went in today and got a new one for me, Romantic France. It tastes like pretty, if that makes sense. The color on this one is pretty bland, but the taste is amazing. I like getting a tea handed to me that’s bright pink, blue or purple. I’m not complaining about the color of this one, I’m just noting that the occasional technicolor drink is always welcome!

Momoko makes hands down the best bubble tea I’ve had anywhere. They don’t use powders or crazy machines or concentrates. They brew the tea, give you the option of milk (or soy milk!) and serve it to you in a normal plastic cup. No flimsy plastic wrap topping and no BS. This place is absolutely the real deal. I’ve been going to Momoko for almost 7 years and I have yet to try a tea that wasn’t delicious. They have a massive selection and I’m pretty confident that they’re all good.

Things you should know before going in:
* They have a card minimum of $5. Drinks are anywhere from $3.50 and up, adding boba is, I believe, $0.50 (don’t quote me on that!) and substituting soymilk is $1. My drink today cost $5.14 (+ $1 for tip)
* As you could probably tell from the above note, they are really pricey. I think it’s completely worth the price. After years of trying to find a vegan bubble tea, I really don’t mind paying so much.
* This is the kind of unique store you’ll want to support. The owner is crazy sweet, the vegan offerings are huge and it’s impossible to be in a bad mood here. The gifts are ridiculously overpriced, but I love it so much, I sometimes don’t mind spending $10 on a coin purse.
* Parking is limited, so consider street parking.
* The also offer rice balls and shaved ice. The shaved ice comes with a sweet creamy sauce that’s not vegan so if you want shaved ice, make sure you ask them to leave it off.

I love this place. I’m not a Japanophile, I just really love bubble tea. If you also really love bubble tea, get to Momoko.

705 W 24th St # A
Austin, TX 78705-4742