Oct 18, 2009

vegan mofo: taste of life

We are beyond blessed in LA with the Hollywood Farmer's Market. It has so many FANTASTIC options for vegans. Sorbet, truffles, chili, tacos, korean goodies, thai goodies, tamales and many many more. Many more including the star of the market, Taste of Life. Vegan soul food served with smiles and snark. I love them, I love their food, and I love that they're in my life. Here's me (in the red hoodie) excitedly buying what would become my only real meal last Sunday:

Here's what I got:

kale, pot roast (seitan), bbq tofu and macaroni and cheese,

The kale was the star for me. I had never had it before and now I crave it every. single. day. The pot roast was really really good, but really really intense. I get it every now and then and space it out throughout the day. It's...strong. The tofu was reminiscent of the BBQ Tofu from Mothers in Austin. It's saucy and nutty. Definitely a a winner. The mac and cheese is, I'm pretty sure, world famous at this point. There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said. It's delicious, unique and worth any stomachache you might get from eating it too fast.

Not pictured was a white peach ginger juice that the guy makes. It's sooo gingery and refreshing. I don't think they advertise it though, so next time you're there, ask him about it.