Oct 11, 2009

vegan mofo: bad vegan

"OMG I've been such a bad vegan. I can't help but eat these cookies/brownies/chocolate bars/pizza/etc etc etc..." I've noticed this trend on the message boards and it really shocks me. I feel like I'm going to come across as a douchey vegan, but I need to say this:

These threads remind me of a story my vegan friend told me about a friend of hers who's really bad at basic care taking. I don't want to get into the whole story, but this girl (SORRY VEGANS) killed her pet bunny via neglect and then proceeded to call my vegan friend for sympathy. If you killed your bunny, wouldn't a vegan be the last person you'd call for sympathy?

Asking for vegan hugs whilst you admit to eating non vegan food but still call yourself a vegan is so similar to me. Do you expect sympathy? Look, I've been there. I had a little stint where I was not being el stricto with my diet, and you know what? I felt AWFUL. I felt selfish and absolutely neglectful. I knew the truth of what I was eating, and I let convenience and laziness get the best of me. Never once did it cross my mind to ask for okays from a group of vegans. I told myself "Enough is enough!" I moved on and got my priorities straight. I suggest you do the same.

Sorry to be "that vegan" but honestly. I'm not going to tell anyone that "it's ok. It happens to all of us. Being vegan is hard." It's not. It's hard when you're lazy and/or have stopped caring. It happened to me, but it doesn't happen to everyone and that fact was one of the things that kicked my ass back into shape.

So, here's what: Buck up. Figure out why you've stopped caring, reorganize your priorities and move on. Just..please spare us the sympathy cries. I can't realistically speak for all vegans, but I'm going to try:

We're all about the love, but no ones perfect and there are things we hate: meat and dairy related nonsense, years of people "not getting it", Rush Limbaugh, non-vegetarian tofu dishes, people who "used to be vegan but stopped because it wasn't healthy" and people who say they're vegan but cry because they aren't really.

It's fine. Just tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day and from now on you're vegan for life. And then live it. If that's what you want, it's in your grasp. The end, no tears, just do it.

Thank you and stay classy.