Aug 13, 2009

school lunches (erm..dinners)

As much as I don't like talking about school, I do enjoy showing off my dinners. I haven't gotten into the intensely artistic side of Bento, but I make my meals looks as appealing as I can.

My schoolmates are always commenting on how cute my boxes are and how delicious my meals look. Yay veganism!

I say 'boxes', but my other bento box broke so I'm down to one and a half at the moment.

Thursday's dinner:

Edamame spears, stirfry (asparagus, home grown zucchini, home grown bell pepper, onion and spinach), pan fried tofu, brown and white rice combo and soy sauce. Simple and tasty.

I was planning on putting more dinners up here, but I only packed a lunch for school once this week. So...more next week! If they're interesting enough.