Aug 11, 2009

avk: nabeyaki udon & kakiage

The second meal for the Asian Vegan Kitchen Project: Udon! And vegetable fritters.

I was particularly excited about this one because I've never had udon. In all my years of eating Japanese food, the popular soup never made it's way into my belly. I think this attributed to my expectations being a little too high.

It's not that it wasn't good. It was good and very warm and the broth was DELICIOUS. I guess I was expecting the clouds to open up and angels to sing, but I really just got a bowl of noodles. Good, but not great. It was pretty basic, but I can see it being a nice comfort food. Nevertheless, I was underwhelmed.

The vegetable fritters were incredibly good and really really easy. They made a great addition to the udon noodles, and I will make them again and often. Yum!

P.S. Soup is really hard to photograph.