Jul 28, 2016

Round-Up: 7 All-Vegan Cheesy Recipes!

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When I was a kid I hated cheese. I wouldn't touch mac and cheese, I peeled the mozzarella off of my pizza, and I avoided the round slices of cheese product that came in my beloved Lunchables. But now that I'm vegan I'm all about it.

Jul 26, 2016

Gingerbread White Wine Cocktail - Merry Christmas in July!

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This Gingerbread White Wine Cocktail was created out of my determination to truly celebrate Christmas in July this year. Every summer I think about doing something for the holiday, and I always forget until the day of. Not this year!

Yesterday we decorated our place with Christmas decor, threw on some Christmas music, made our house really cold, and invited friends over to feast on gingerbread cookies, spiced cider, and this cocktail. It was such a fun way to get cozy in the middle of summer. I barely even noticed that it was 98 degrees outside.

Jul 20, 2016

White Bean, Tempeh, and Fennel Ravioli

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Is it fall yet? Serious question.

This summer has been emotionally difficult for my husband and me, and a big part of us is ready to move on to fall. I mean I'm always ready for fall, but now I'm like really ready for fall. We're ready for football, for pumpkins, for Halloween and Thanksgiving. For chex mixgame day food, and autumn beer. 

When I ask "Is it fall yet?" I guess I'm not seriously wondering. The Texas heat lets me know exactly what season I'm in. I'm really just throwing this request out to polite society: Can we start early this year? 

Stores start rolling out fall stuff in like mid-August so can we just push it up a few weeks early? Please?


What if I said we could still eat summer produce?

Jun 29, 2016

Chocolate Stuffed Basil Focaccia

Whoa, amirite?

Stuffing focaccia is going to become a real thing in this house. I've never tried stuffing bread like this before, and it's kind of awesome, you guys. And did you know that basil and chocolate are delicious together?! As you can see, this recipe blew my mind on so many levels.