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Jun 30, 2015

Berry Yummy Red, White, and Blue Muddy Buddies - Vegan | No Artificial Colors

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Don't you just love muddy buddies? I usually reserve them for Fall and Winter, but after seeing versions of this patriotic variety all over Pinterest I decided to make an exception. My Red, White, and Blue Muddy Buddies are vegan, and contain no artificial coloring. Dehydrated fruit is this recipe's secret to July 4th colors.

Jun 27, 2015

Homemade Laundry Scent Crystals - All Natural | Vegan | Cheap

You know those people that go a bit heavy on their perfume? Those whose perfumey scent still lingers after they leave your general area? I'm one of those people. Guilty! To my credit I've toned it down, but I still love perfumes and scents - on me, in my house, on my husband - I love good smells. When I started seeing commercials for laundry scent boosters and crystals I was definitely intrigued. Good smells that linger on my laundry after washing? Gimme.

Jun 25, 2015

HV's Favorites: Veganizing Your Fridge and Pantry

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* Disclaimer 2: In 2013 I was awarded a free trip, cash prize, a year supply of products, merch and gift cards by Earth Balance as the grand prize winner of their Spring to Life recipe contest. This in no way influences my opinions of their products that I recommended in this post. I loved them before the contest, and continue to love them after.

After receiving some requests, I've decided to do some posts highlighting my favorite must have food items. Since this is the first one I thought I'd start with the basics of veganizing your fridge and pantry. Whether you intend to cut out, or just lessen your consumption of animals I hope you'll find something here to ease the transition.

You'll see me refer to a lot of these as substitutes because when you're starting out that's what they are, right? However, plant-based eating shouldn't always be about replicating and substituting. I'm a big believer in reconsidering the way we cook, and questioning some of the archaic rules still chained to modern cooking. For more of my opinions on this you can <*shameless plug*> read this interview I did for Made Just Right all about avoiding the substitution trap.